Dine in any language in the Northern Mariana Islands. Sample local delicacies such as apigi (young coconut wrapped in banana leaves and roasted), chicken kelaguen (shredded chicken and onions seasoned with lemon) served with warm tatiyas (tortillas), or anything laced with donne sali (the small but potent local hot pepper).  From American fast food to gourmet Italian, we have it a wide variety of international dishes to make you feel at home...away from home. 

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Myung Ga Restaurant

Korean: $21-$30
Susupe, Saipan

Myung Ga is a special Korean Restaurant at Saipan World Resort offering a variety of traditional Korean food, from Korean short ribs to naengmyeon (cold noodles) and kimchi stew.  The restaurant offers lunch buffet and a spacious interior with private rooms.  Koreans yearning for a taste of home and non-Koreans looking for that special Korean flavor are well-represented.  All kimchi dishes are made with ingredients imported directly from Korea to provide a satisfying and authentic experience.