Hard Rock Cafe Saipan

PMB 103 Box 10000, Saipan, MP, Northern Mariana Islands
670-233-7625 / 670-233-7624 - Fax | Contact

website: www.hardrock.com/saipan

Many scholars believe that the mysteriously-missing aviator Amelia Earhart was brought to Saipan in the mid-1930's. It's an easy enough place to disappear to. With turquoise skies, pink sunsets, and crystal clear waters, you may never want to go home again. At the Hard Rock Cafe Saipan, located in downtown Garapan, we feel our home in paradise is the perfect remedy to all your concerns. Lose yourself amongst our hundreds of unique Rock memorabilia offerings. Indulge yourself in the fabulous variety of menu items we can set before you.

Dream away your anxieties to the distinctive beats of the Rock music within our restaurant. Sound like a place you want to vanish to? Next time you're venturing around the Mariana Islands or tooling around in the warm waters of the Philippine Sea, come relax at the Hard Rock Cafe Saipan!

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