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I love Saipan! - 3/13/2014 1:40:27 PM

I love Saipan!



Looking for Margaret Matsumoto - 1/19/2014 1:38:17 AM

I was stationed on Saipan in 1960 until June 1961 at a 2nd Class Storekeeper and spent a lot of time with the Herman Matsumoto family and their daughter Margaret.  She had two brothers and two sisters.

They owned the Chalan Kanoa theater.  She was born January 10, 1940 and was the Liberation Day Queen in the late 1950s.  She married a sailor named Rafferty and moved to New York.  Since 1961 I lost track of her.  She may have moved back to Saipan - I have no idea.

She would be 74 years old and if you know of her whereabouts, would you kindly inform me.  Thaks

love to see - 7/31/2012 11:19:56 AM

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Hafa Adai yan Tirow - 7/20/2012 9:34:22 PM

so beautyfull  flwoer

Saipan Tinian and Rota - 6/7/2012 2:34:48 PM

Saipan, Tinian and Rota are wonderful places to visit.

Taste of the Marianas - 5/9/2012 4:38:14 PM

The International Taste of the Marianas - where the multicutural cuisine of Micronesia can be enjoyed every Saturday evening in May from 6 - 9 pm at American Memorial Park  Garapan Saipan


Family vacation - 1/28/2012 5:21:01 AM

Relaxation. Enjoy. God Bless

Paradise - 1/7/2012 4:39:12 PM


Hafa adai - 12/27/2011 8:36:07 AM

Hafa Adai yan Tirow!!

carol - 12/13/2011 10:32:01 AM