Press Releases




February 2017

February 22  Saipan Marathon Early Bird Deadline on Feb. 24

February 22  Tinian Hot Pepper Festival Highlights Island's Best

February 22  Japan Marianas Tourism Club Meets in Saipan

February 21  NMI January 2017 Arrival Trends

February 17  MTEC Continuing Outreach Highlights Sailing at GES

February 16  MVA Donates to Dog Control Program

February 15  Special Rate for NMI Residents for IRONMAN 70.3 Saipan

February 15  MVA Thanks Former Board Member Fukuju

February 15   MVA Partners Step Up to Improve Arrival Experience

February 15   Saipan Marathon Offers Discount for Returning Runners

February 14   MVA, NMDOA Clean Up Laulau Beach

February 10   MVA to Hold Marianas Seminars in Japan

February 9      MTEC Scholarship Application Open

February 8      XTERRA Saipan Championship on March 18, 2017

February  8     Meet Jebro Leon, Marianas-chan

February 6       MVA: Easy to Get to Tinian Hot Pepper Festival

September 2016

September 21   Instagrammers Capture Stunning Images of Saipan, Tinian

September 20   Parade of Cultures on Sept. 24 in Saipan

September 14   Fashion Show at International Festival on Sept. 17           

September 14  NMI August 2016 Arrival Trends

September 13   MVA Appoints Access Inc. for Japan Marketing

September 12  MVA Supports Coconut Festival in Rota

September 12   Golf Group Lauds Saipan Courses

September 9     MVA Makes Mt. Tapochau Repairs

September 9     Phlippines Travel Agents, Media Tour Saipan

September 9     Tenorio, Watanabe Top Plumeria Swim

September 8    Japan, Polynesia Perform at International Fest on Sept. 10

September 7    NMI Joins 18th Annual Nippon Dommanaka Festival

August 2016

August 31         Plumeria Swim in Saipan Registration Deadline on Sept. 2

August 31         MVA Joins Season of Life Festival in Khabarovsk

August 30         MVA FY 2017 Membership Now Open

August 29         Beach Rd. Pathway Hit by Vandals

August 26         Asahi Shimbun Coming to Saipan, Tinian

August 26         30 Registered for Plumeria Swim in Saipan on Sept. 3

August 24         Chamolinian, Filipino Performances at Int'l Festival

August 17         International Festival to Highlight Hands-on Fun

August 16         MVA, NMDOA Clean Laulau Beach Dive Site

August 12         NMI July 2016 Arrival Trends

August 5           Plumeria Swim in Saipan on Sept. 3

August 3           MVA Appoints 227 NMI Tourism Ambassadors in Japan

August 2           MVA Expands Tinian Destination Enhancement

July 2016

July 20          PR International Festival of Cultures Seeks Participants

July 20          Celebrity Actress Yuan Shoots Photo Book in NMI

July 16          PR NMI June 2016 Arrival Trends

July 14          Beautify My Marianas Offers Youth Summer Cash

July 14          Japan's Tabippo to Promote Saipan, Tinian

July 13          Hong Kong Airlines Starts Saipan Flights

July 13          $1.8M in Ad Exposure with Actor Bo Huang

July 11          PR Guangdong Radio & TV Films "Yoga Retreat in the CNMI"

July 8            PR "Battle Trip" in the NMI to Air July 23 in Korea

July 7            PR Canon Korea Visits Rota, Saipan on MVA FAM Tour

July 6            PR MVA Conducts FAM Tour with Jin Air

July 5            PR NMI International Festival of Cultures Begins Aug. 20, 2016

July 5            PR MTEC, MVA Thank MY WAVE Club Advisors

June 2016

June 28          PR MVA: All Eyes on Beach Rd. Pathway

June 27          PR MTEC Begins Scholarship Program

June 22          PR Actress Alyssa Chia Ching Wen Visits Saipan & Tinian

June 22          PR MTEC Welcomes New Board Member

June 21          PR Saipan International Fishing Tournament on July 9-10, 2016

June 17          PR MVA General Membership Mtg. on June 23, 2016

June 13          PR MVA Holds Travel Agent Training in Japan

June 13          PR PATA CEO Visits Saipan

June 9            PR Saipan Tropical Ekiden Draws 19 Teams

June 8            PR Delta Celebrates 27 Years of Service to Saipan

June 6            PR Beach Rd. Pathway Lighting Halted

June 2            PR MVA Joins Shanghai World Travel Fair

May 2016

May 28           PR NMI Named #5 Desirable Destination

May 26           PR May 28 Last Night for Taste of the Marianas

May 25           PR MVA Joins Russia's Pacific International Tourism Expo

May 20          PR Kubozuka Celebrates Birthday in Saipan

May 20          Photo Release MARPAC Donates to Saipan Fishermen's Association

May 18           PR Pie-Eating Competition Highlights Taste

May 17          PR 105 Join 1st Annual Governor's Tourism Cup

May 16          PR NMI April 2016 Arrival Trends

May 10          PR Team Building with Saipan Tropical Ekiden

May 10          PR Taste of the Marianas Kicks Off

May 9            PR Golden Week Draws Japan Charters

May 9            PR Triple J Joins Tourism Cup Sponsors

May 6            PR Toyota Yaris Up for Grabs at Tourism Cup

May 4            PR MTEC Vistis 17 Schools

April 2016

April 28         PR Bank of Guam Donates $3K to Governor's Tourism Cup

April 27         PR Tourism Industry Cleans Up Garapan

April 26         PR MVA Holds Press Launch for Philippine Airlines

April 25         PR Governor's Tourism Cup Tournament on May 14

Aprl 19          PR Japan Marine Awards Center: Teteto Beach #1

April 19         PR 462 Complete Saipan Marathon

April 18         PR 18th Annual Taste of the Marianas in May 2016

April 15         PR NMI March 2016 Arrival Trends

April 14         PR 500+ for 2016 Saipan Marathon

April 13         PR MVA Introduces Saipan Tropical Ekiden

April 7           PR MHS' Tiglao Chosen for EnviroLeaders Forum

April 6           PR MVA Essay Contest Deadline on April 11

March 2016

Masrch 20     PR MVA Launches Instagram Contest #MVA40

March 30       PR More Japan Travel Agents Explore the Marianas

March 30       PR MVA Welcomes New Managing Director Concepcion

March 29       PR 12th Annual Mahi Fishing Derby on April 2, 2016

March 23       PR MVA to Target Repeat Russian Visitors

March 16       PR Saipan Marathon Registration Deadline on March 18

March 14       PR NMI February 2016 Arrival Trends

March 14       PR FHB Donatse to MTEC

March 9         PR MVA, Delta Host More Japan Travel Agents

March 7         PR Beautify My Marianas in Tinian

March 7         PR MVA Joins Guangdong International Travel Fair

March 1         PR Saipan Marathon Adds More Cash Prizes

March 1         PR MVA Repairs Beach Pathway Lights

February 2016

February 24  PR MVA Issues RFP for Flower Island Project

February 18  PR 37 Join Pikafest Mountain Bike Race

February 18  PR Saipan Marathon Deadline Feb. 26

February 17  PR NMI January 2016 Arrival Trends

February 17  PR Students Explore Tourism Through Photos

February 4    PR Travel with Me Promotes Saipan Marathon

February 4   PR Saipan-Tinian Ferry Available Pika Festival Weekend

February 2   PR NMDOA, MVA Clean Laulau Beach

February 2   PR Korea Marianas Tourism Formed

January 2016

January 22    PR Dynamic Air Brings Media to Support Charter Flights

January 22    PR MTEC Photo Contest Deadline on Jan. 25, 2016

January 21    PR NMI December 2015 Arrival Trends

January 20   PR Remengesau to Lead MTEC Tourism Summit

January 20   PR Tinian Hot Pepper Festival on Feb. 13-14, 2016

December 2015

December 31 Guangzhou Media Spend Christmas in the Marianas

December 30 Taiwan Moments Features Hell of the Marianas

December 23 JSTA Leads Garapan Holiday Cleanup

December 21 Miss International China Films in Saipan

December 17 MVA Promotes Saipan Marathon Set for April 16, 2016

December 16 NMI November 2016 Arrival Trends

December 15 Korea's #1 Golf Channel Films in Saipan

December 15 China's Largest Online Travel Site Visits NMI

December 14 Japanese Papers to Feature NMI Sports

December 14 Saipan-da to Give Gifts on Christmas Day

December 11 Christmas in the Marianas Caroling on Christmas Day

December 11 MTEC Tourism Summit on Jan. 28, 2016

December 3  Ma Feng Wo Busy as Bees Exploring Saipan

December 1  MVA Joins China Interantional Travel Mart

December 1  Japan's HUNT Magazine Features Rota

November 2015

November 25   WeChat Users Choose Little Representatives of Saipan

November 23   MTEC Returns to Private Schools

November 20   MTEC: What is the #1 Reason Visitors Come

November 20   MVA Joins Taipei International Travel Fair

November 19   Christmas in the Marianas Returns in December

November 16   Shirato Repeats Win at 22nd Rota Blue Triathlon

October 2015

October 29     Champions Return for Rota Blue Triathlon on Nov. 7

October 29     MVA, Asiana Host FAM Tour for Russian Travel Agents

October 26     NMI September 2015 Arrival Trends

October 23     MVA Hosts Korean Media to Show Saipan is Still Paradise

October 22      Wonder Girls Promote NMI in Korea

October 8        22nd Annual Rota Blue Triathlon on Nov. 7, 2015

October 6        MVA Joins Biggest Japanese Travel Show

October 6        MTEC Talks Destination Marketing with High School Students

September 2015

September 28  Taiwan Travel Agents Visit Marianas Visitors Authority

September 18  MVA Preps for Japan's Largest Tourism Expo

September 18  NMI August 2015 Arrival Trends

September 15  MVA, PDM Promoters, DPW Help Clear Downtown Garapan

September 10  MTEC Readies for Annual School Outreach

September 9    NMI Joins 17th Annual Nippon Domannaka Festival

August 2015

August 28   Beautiful Saipan, Tinian and Rota Beckon

August 26   MVA & Partners Clear Sugar King Park

August 19   NMI July 2015 Arrival Trends

August 18   MVA & Partners Clear Tourist Sites

August 17   MVA Cancels International Festival, Saipan Tropical Ekiden 

July 2015

July 29     Tourist Sites Vandalized

July 24     Saipan Tropical Ekiden Relay Race on Aug. 29, 2015 

July 15     NMI June 2015 Arrival Trends

July 6       MVA Holds GMM on July 16

July 2       NMDOA, MVA Clean Laulau Beach

July 2       TVBS "Insight People" Interviews MVA

July 2       "What a Wonderful World" to Feature Saipan, Tinian

July 1       NMI International Festival of Cultures Begins Aug. 22, 2015

June 2015

June 30    Teamwork Restores Historic Temple Gate

June 30   Yanai, Tan Top Plumeria Swim

June 30   MVA Exit Survey Gauges Visitors Experience

June 26   MVA Joins Guam Military Travel Fairs

June 26   Marianas Seminars in Japan Draw Recrod Participation

June 26   $5M Ad Exposure from Japan Media Tours

June 18   Plumeria Swim Registration Deadline of June 19

June 18   Russian TV Show "Utro Rossii" Films in NMI

June 18   Three Chinese Travel Mags Visit NMI

June 9     NMI May 2015 Arrival Trends

June 8     Japanese Media to Feature NMI

June 8     Saipan International Fishing Tournament on July 25-26, 2015

June 8     Plumeria Swim: New Name and Format for Old Event

June 5     Beijing TV Airs Saipan Marathon Feature

June 3     Taste of the Marianas Closes Strong

June 1     Students Celebrate May Tourism Month

May 2015

May 22    Northern Marianas Wins Major World Travel Fair Award

May 20    Softball Team, Youth Join Beautify My Marianas

May 18    7th Annual Swimming Festival on June 20, 2015

May 18    Taste of the Marianas Returns May 23

May 14    NMI April 2015 Arrival Trends

May 13    Taste of the Marianas Cancelled on May 16

May 12    Travel or Not Produces 3 NMI Programs

May 12     MVA, Delta Host Japan Travel Agent FAM Tour

May 11    Taste of the Marianas Adds Magic Show

May 11    Tourism Industy Cleans Up Garapan

May 5      17th Annual Taste of the Marianas Kicks Off

May 5      Beach Cleaners: People are Dumping Trash All Over

May 1       Four Japanese Media FAMS Visit NMI

April 2015

April 30   476 Complete Saipan Marathon

April 21   501 Register for Saipan Marathon

April 14    17th Annual Taste of the Marianas in May 2015

April 14    Chief Aghurubw Foundation Cleans Up

April 7       Saipan Marathon Registration Deadline on April 10

April 6        MARPAC Supports Mahi Fishing Derby

April 2        460 and Counting for 10th Saipan Marathon

March 2015

March 30     Beautify My Marianas Grows

March 30    Allen, Slack Make XTERRA Saipan Wins

March 30    26th Annual Tagaman Triathlon Crowns Winners

March 23     Beautify My Marianas Open to Medical Referral Groups

March 23      Friends for Life Bond Over Island Beautification

March 20     Beijing TV Touts 2015 Saipan Marathon

March 20     NMI February 2015 Arrival Trends

March 13     NHK Show Filmed in NMI Premiers April 2015

March 11     Japan's Oceana Returns to Northern Marianas

March 10      MTEC/MVA Visit 18 Schools

March 9       MHS NHS Joins Beautify My Marianas

March 2       MHS Band Cleanup Hits the Right Note

March 2       11th Tinian Hot Pepper Fest Just "Pika"

March 2       Miyazuka Tops Tinian Turquoise Blue, Again

March 2      Team Faiye Puts in Beautification Overtime 

February 2015

Feb. 27  MVA Sees 54,000 Prospects at 2015 Japan Golf Fair

Feb. 26  Tagaman Early Bird Registration Deadline on Feb. 27

Feb. 25  MHS Prom Committee Beautifies As Terlaje Hill

Feb. 18  Beautify My Marianas Goes To Koblerville

Feb. 18  NMI January 2015 Arrival Trends

Feb. 11 Fama, Sasakura, & Toves Top MTEC Essay Contest

Feb. 4   Daito Bunka University Group Visits Saipan

Feb. 3   Saipan-Tinian Ferry to Run Feb. 13-14

Feb. 2   Japan's "First Impression" Visits NMI

January 2015

Jan. 30 Sendin, Hutchingson Top Marianas Coffee Trail Run

Jan. 27 MTEC Tourism Summit Draws 600 Students

Jan. 20  Marianas Coffee Trail Run Early Bird Deadline on Jan. 22, 2015

Jan. 16  Local Family Cleans Tank Beach, Marine Beach

Jan.  13  MTEC Begins Middle School Presentations

Jan. 13   Tinian Hot Pepper Festival on Feb. 14-15, 2015

Jan. 9      15th Tinian Turquoise Blue on Feb. 14, 2015

Jan. 8     10th Saipan Marathon Set for April 24, 2015

Jan. 7     Tanapag Middle School Marine Biology Club Cleans Up

Jan. 6    MTEC Tourism Summit on Jan. 22-23

Jan. 6   Wrestling Federation Grapples with 200+ Lbs. of Trash

December 2014

Dec. 30  Saipan-da Gives Out 500+ Backpacks

Dec. 30  Winners of Christmas in the Marianas Named

Dec. 30   Korean Media Tout Hell of the Marianas

Dec. 30   Globetrotting "iWalker" TV Show Flims in NMI

Dec. 29    MVA to Welcome Visiting Ships

Dec. 26   "Love Islands" Films in Saipan, Tinian

Dec. 24   Mochitsuki Festival at Paseo de Marianas on Dec. 27

Dec. 23   MVA Joins Taipei International Travel Fair

Dec. 23   JSTA Leads Garapan Holiday Cleanup

Dec. 19  China Travel Agents Warm up to Saipan

Dec. 18  Taiwan Travel Agents, Media Impressed with NMI Ocean

Dec. 18  Saipan-da to Give Gifts on Christmas Day

Dec. 17  Christmas in the Mraianas Parade, Health Walk on Dec. 20

Dec. 17  NMI November 2014 Arrival Trends

Dec. 16  Christmas Lights Brigthten Downtown Garapan

Dec. 16  Marianas High Tourism Class Tours MVA

Dec. 16  8th Marianas Coffee Trail Run on Jan. 24, 2015

Dec. 11  MTEC Announces Tourism Essay Contest

Dec. 10  NMC Nursing Club Cares for Island

Dec. 3    MVA Joins China International Travel Mart

Dec. 3    Dress Magazine Addresses Resort Living in Saipan

Dec. 2    Taro Returns to Top 21st Rota Blue Triathlon

November 2014

Nov. 26  MTEC: Where Do Most of Our Visitors Come From?

Nov. 21  NMI October 2014 Arrival Trends

Nov. 20  Korea's Major Travel Agencies Tour Saipan, Tinian

Nov. 19   Busan Travel Agents Tour Saipan, Tinian

Nov. 14   H.I.S. Opens Charter Flights from Russia to CNMI

Nov. 13  Christmas in the Marianas Throughout December

Nov. 5     Key Travel Club Meets in Saipan

Nov. 5.    MTEC Begins Annual School Outreach

Nov. 5     Tokyo MXTV Films in Saipan, Tinian, Rota

October 2014

Oct. 24    DOCOMO PACIFIC Benefits MTEC

Oct. 24    Taiwanese Find Love in Tinian

Oct. 17     NMI September 2014 Arrival Trends  

Oct. 16    MVA Joins 2014 JATA Tourism Expo

Oct. 16     21st Annual Rota Blue Triathlon on Nov. 15  

Oct. 10     Russian FAM Tour Visits Saipan, Tinian, Rota  

Oct. 10     Cleanup Team Hits Grotto

Oct. 9       MVA International Festival of Cultures a Success

Oct. 2       Jeju Air Launches Seoul-Saipan Flights  

Oct. 2       Saipan, Tinian, Rota in the Northern Mariana Islands Now of Street Views of Google Maps

Oct. 2       2014 Bud Light Luta Fishing Derby on Oct. 10-11  

Oct. 2      Modern Bride Mag to Feature Saipan, Tinian 

Oct. 1      Parade of Cultures on Oct. 4

September 2014

Sept. 30    MVA Donates Dive Rope to NMDOA

Sept. 30    Japan's SNS Queen Tours Saipan

Sept. 25    Polynesia to Headline International Festival

Sept. 19    NMI August 2014 Arrival Trends

Sept. 17    International Festival of Cultures Makes Solid Start

Sept. 9     18 Cultures at International Festival of Cultures

Sept. 8     NMI Gets Warm Welcome at Nippon Domannak Festival

Sept. 8     International Festival of Cultures Spans Asia-Pacific

August 2014

Aug. 28   International Festival of Cultures Kicks Off Sept. 14, 2014

Aug. 28   Korea's SISTAR Premieres Music Video Filmed in Saipan

Aug. 21   MVA Begins Work on Tour Guide Certification Program

Aug. 18   NMI July 2014 Arrival Trends

Aug. 14   MVA Preps for Domannaka, JATA Travel Showcase

Aug. 13   NMDOA, MVA, Parks & Rec Cleanup Grotto

Aug. 11   MVA Supports Media Filming, Photography, Stories

Aug. 7   Celebrities Lee Seung-hyun and Qi Wei Wed in Saipan

July 2014

July 25   Sankei Sports Shimbun Features Saipan Fishing

July 25   Taiwan Travel Agents Tout Saipan, Tinian Attractions

July 24   Golf, Diving Take Centerstage on Media FAMs

July 23   Ethnic Groups Sought for Interantional Festival of Cultures

July 18   NMI June 2014 Arrival Trends

July 16   Winners Repeat at Swimming Festival in Managaha

July 16   MVA's International Festival of Cultures in September

June 2014

June 30  Media Visit to Promote Hong Kong Charter Flights

June 23  NMI May 2014 Arrival Trends

June 20  Swimming Festival Registration Deadline on June 27

June 19  Happy Children in Paradise Returns July 1

June 17  San Antonio Elementary Joins Beautify My Marianas

June 17  Matua Riders Group Cleans Garapan St.

June 12  Japan's Music Bird Radio Sings Praises fo NMI

June 12  MVA Holds GMM on July 3

June 10  Chinese Media Offer Taste of the Marianas 

June 10  Good Morning Russia Films Shows in Saipan

June 10  Japanese Media Continue Interest in Northern Marianas

June 10  Tianjin TV Airs Five Episodes on Northern Marianas

June 9    Taiwan Intern to the Marianas Shares Island Warmth

June 9    Snorkel Around Managaha on June 28

June 5    Taiwan's Star TV Explores Saipan, Tinian

June 3    Happy Children in Paradise Returns July 1

May 2014

May 29   MTEC Thanks MY WAVE Club Advisors

May 29   NMI April 2014 Arrival Trends

May 20   Taste of the Marianas a Blast

May 19   Taste of the Marianas Week 2 Twice the Fun

May 20   Google Photographing Saipan, Tinian, Rota

May 7     Taste of the Marianas Kicks Off

May 7     MVA Exhibits at SITT in Russia

May 6     Suicide Cliff Improvements Made

May 6     MTEC Helps Students Engage Sports Tourism

May 1     JSTA Kicks Off Tourism Month with Cleanup

May 1     MVA Joins Travel & Island Fairs

April 2014

April 25   NMI March 2014 Arrival Trends

April 25   MVA Joins Moscow Luxury Travel Fair

March 2014

March 26  Registration Deadline for Saipan Marathon Extended to April 2

March 20  NMI February 2014 Arrival Trends

March 11  Registration Deadline for Saipan Marathon on March 14

March 11  MVA Installs Additional Grotto Outlook

March 6  Travel Agents from Hangzhou Tour Saipan

February 2014

PR NMI January 2014 Arrival Trends

MVA Reaches Out to 48,000 at Japan Golf Fair

MVA Aids Four Japan Media FAMS in January

MTEC Visits Saipan Southern High, Tinian

MTEC Sends Tiglao to Guam Tourism Summit

Early Bird Registration Deadline for Saipan Marathon on March 7

Charter Flights Start from Hangzhou and Tianjin to Saipan

Beach Volleyball Style to Feature Marianas Cup

Saipan Marathon Set for April 19, 2014

January 2014

PR Tinian Hot Pepper Festival on Feb. 15-16, 2014

Sankei Sports Features Saipan on New Year's Day

PR NMI December 2013 Arrival Trends

Marianas Coffee Trail Run Early Bird Deadline on Jan. 23

Christmas in the Marianas: An Escape from Winter

China's Holiday Travel Films in Saipan

Beautify My Marianas Open to All Groups

December 2013

MVA Approves $1M for Destination Enhancement

NMI November 2013 Arrival Trends

Sony Conducts Blogger FAM in Saipan

Expanded Christmas in the Marianas Set

Men's Health Magazine Covers Hell of the Marianas

Mochitsuki Festival at Paseo de Marianas

7th Marianas Coffee Trail Run on Jan. 25

November 2013

Jimin Kaikau Kaigi Visits Saipan

MTEC Essay Contest Winners Receive Prizes

111 Join 20th Rota Blue Triathlon

Christmas in the Marianas Throughout December

Dynamic Airways Begins Saipan-Seoul Service

Japanese Sports Publications Visit NMI

MTEC MY WAVE Tourism Summit Draws 300+ Students

MVA Appoints Marketing Representative in Russia

MVA Targets Guam Military at Travel Fair

NMI October 2013 Arrival Trends

North China Media Savor Sunshine in NMI

Russian Magazines Highlight Northern Marianas

Southern TV Guangdong in NMI this Week

October 2013

Oct. 11 PR 2013 Bud Light Rota Fishing Derby on Oct. 11-12

Oct. 10  PR NMI to Gain $45M in Russian Ad Exposure

Oct. 4  PR Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant Films in Saipan, Tinian

September 2013

$6.2-M Exposure for NMI from Community Athletes Show

Marianas Pacific Paddlers Beautify My Marianas

MTEC Announces Tourism Essay Contest

MTEC/MY WAVE Tourism Summit on Oct. 30

MVA Joins 2013 JATA Travel Showcase

NMI August 2013 Arrival Trends

Shanghai TV Tapes in Saipan, Tinian

August 2013

Historic Saipan Sugar King Train Restored

Homeliving & Style Magazine Visits Saipan

Japan Blogger Mom to Promote NMI

MTEC Gears UP for New School Year

NMI Joins 15th Annual Nippon Domannaka Festival

NMI July 2013 Arrival Trends

July 2013

Delta Supports Saipan International Fishing Tournament

14 Travel Agents Complete Marianas Study Tour

CREA Traveller to Give NMI $120K Ad Exposure

Groups Call All to Beautify My Marianas

NMI June 2013 Arrival Trends

June 2013

Happy Children in Paradise Returns July 1

Kimura & Tan Win Again at Flipper Tournament

Marine Diving Magazine to Cover Flipper Tournament

Mesngon Lands Biggest at Rota Cliff Fishing Tournament

NMI May 2013 Arrival Trends

Oceana Visits Saipan, Rota

Rota Cliff Fishing Derby on June 14-16

Saipan International Fishing Tournament on July 13-14

Tinian Visitors Mark Tourism Month

May 2013

MTEC Visits Dandan Elementary

PATA Micronesia Pays Courtesy Call on NMI Governor

2,500+ Join Taste of the Marianas Kick-off

Bunao Tops Pie-eating Competition at Taste

Gourmet Road to Feature Taste of the Marianas

Gueverra Takes Bartenders Cocktail Competition

NMI April 2013 Arrival Trends

Swim Around Managaha on June 15

Tinian Turquoise Blue on June 22

April 2013

April 29   100+ Join Tourism Industry Cleanup

April 29   15th Annual Taste of the Marianas Starts on May 4

Kagman Elementary Talks Tourism

Khabarovsk Flights to NMI Begin

MTEC Continues Youth Outreach

NMI March 2013 Arrival Trends

NMI February 2013 Arrival Trends

Sankei Shimbun to Tout Historic Tours of Saipan

March 2013

March 8  MVA Joins 2013 Japan Golf Fair

March 5 Saipan Sports Fest Begins on March 8

$1.2M in Wedding Coverage for NMI

9th Annual Mahi Fishing Derby on March 16

28 Earn 2013 Taga Kids Title

638 Join Saipan Marathon

JTB Travel Agents Visit to Support Osaka Flights

February 2013

Feb. 27  NMI January 2013 Arrival Trends

Feb. 25  Saipan Marathon Draws Japan Media Coverage

Feb. 25  "Beautify My Marianas" Offers Cash for Trash

Feb. 25  Winners Galore at 9th Tinian Hot Pepper Festival

Feb. 11  Ferry, Bike Ride, Fun Run at 9th Tinian Hot Pepper Festival

Feb. 1     Saipan Marathon Registration Deadline on Feb. 8

January 2013

Jan. 30   MTEC Expands Support for MY WAVE Clubs

Jan. 29    6th Annual Marianas Coffee Trail Run Serves 89

Jan. 29    ADDITIONAL PHOTOS 6th Annual Marianas Coffee Trail Run Serves 89

Jan. 28    NMI December 2012 Arrival Trends

Jan. 17    Lower Rates for Marianas Coffee Trail Run

Jan. 15    NMDOA, MVA Give Laulau Beach Facelift

Jan. 15    8th Saipan Marathon on March 2, 2013

Jan. 14    Marianas Coffee Trail Run Applications On-line 

Jan. 11    9th Tinian Hot Pepper Festival on Feb. 16-17

Jan. 3      Japan Saipan Travel Association Leads Garapan Holiday Cleanup

December 2012

Dec. 27   NMI November 2012 Arrival Trends

Dec. 20   Saipan-da! to Greet Holiday Travelers

Dec. 20   Christmas in the Marianas Moichitsuki Festival on Dec. 22

Dec. 19   Sankei Sports Highlights Saipan Fishing

Dec. 12   Christmas in the Marianas Caroling & Walk on Dec. 15

Dec. 5    Japan Marianas Tourism Club Meets in Saipan

Dec. 5    Christmas in the Marianas Parade on Dec. 8

November 2012

Nov. 30   MTEC Reaches Out to Tinian, Rota Students

Nov. 30   NMI October 2012 Arrival Trends

Nov. 27   Fukushima tops Rota Blue Triathlon

Nov. 26   6th Marianas Coffee Trail Run on Jan. 26, 2013

Nov. 16   NMI September 2012 Arrival Trends

Nov. 4    Olympians to Join Rota Blue Triathlon on Nov. 17

October 2012

Oct. 31   MTEC/MY WAVE Tourism Summit Attracts 250 Students

Oct. 30   Olympus Blog FAM Focuses on NMI

Oct. 30   MVA Joins Taipei International Travel Fair

Oct. 26    NMI August 2012 Arrival Trends

Oct. 26    Vladivostok-Saipan Charter Flights Begin

Oct. 23    MVA Attends Guam Annual Travel Fairs

Oct. 23    MTEC Engages Hopwood Jr. High, Kagman High

Oct. 23    MTEC/MY WAVE Tourism Summit on Oct. 30

Oct. 22    Russian Charter Flights to Northern Marianas Begin Oct. 26

Oct. 10    Docomo Pacific Donates $9K to MTEC

Oct. 10     MTEC Begins Annual School Outreach

Oct. 4       NMI July 2012 Arrival Trends

Oct. 3       China's Sina Weibo Highlights Northern Mariana Is.

Oct. 2       Brand USA Gives MVA Boost at JATA World Tourism Fair 2012

Oct. 1       MTEC Elects New Board Members

Oct. 1       MVA Joins JATA World Travel Fair 2012

September 2012

Sept. 20    Northern Marianas College Tourism Class Visits the MVA

Sept. 20    Sinounou Recognized as Hero

Sept. 19    "Wonder Airport" Visits Saipan, Tinian, Rota

Sept. 14    MTEC Annual Membership Meeting on Sept. 20

Sept. 13    China FAM Tour Explores Saipan, Tinian, Rota

Sept. 10    MVA, Aviacharter DV Promote Russian Charters

August 2012

Aug. 31     MVA Highlights NMI Culture at Domannaka Festival

Aug. 30     NMI June 2012 Arrival Trends

Aug. 27     Korean Media to Explore Golf on Saipan, Rota

Aug. 20      Marianas Tourism Education Council Seeks New Members

Aug. 17     MVA to Join Brand USA at JATA Tourism Forum & Travel Showcase

Aug. 6        MVA Launches Chinese Website

Aug. 1        19th Rota Blue Triathlon Set for Nov. 17, 2012

July 2012

July 31       Balan Rules Rota Cliff Fishing Derby

July 27        MVA Promotes Healthy Lunchtime Winner

July 26        MVA Launches Facebook, Twitter Contest

July 25        NMI May 2012 Arrival Trends

July 25        Rota Cliff Fishing Derby Gets Ready

July 25        Record Marlin at Saipan International Fishing Tournamnet

July 19        MVA Promotes Russian Charter Flights

July 9           Saipan International Fishing Tournament on July 14-15

June 2012

June 28        Saipan Duo Tops Flipper Race Tournament

June 27         "Happy Children in Paradise" Turns 13

June 26         Marianas Visitors Authority Opens China Offices

June 26         NMI April 2012 Arrival Trends

June 20         Japan Olympic Medalist to Joint Saipan Flipper Race

June 13         Miyazuka Tops 2012 Tinian Turquoise Blue Triathlon

June 7            MVA, Saipan Air Announce New Flights from Japan, China

June 4            4th Saipan International Open Water Flipper Tournament Returns on June 23

May 2012

May 24            Guevarra Serves Up Best Cocktail at "Taste"

May 24            Top Korean Newspaper to Visit Northern Mariana Islands

May 23            Tinian Turquoise Blue Triathlon Returns June 2

May 16            Necesito Tops "Taste," Again

May 10            Taste of the Marianas Gets Cookin'

April 2012

April 30            Marianas Seminar Held in Japan

April 26            Golden Week, Tourism Month Ahead

April 26            NMI February 2012 Arrival Trends

April 17            Tourism Month, Taste of the Marianas Return in May 2012

April 16            MVA Launches Public Online Calendar

April 13            31 Compete in Taga Kids Triathlon

April 10             MVA Touts NMI to Chinese Golfers

April 10             8th Annual Mahi Fishing Derby on April 14

April 9               Visa-free Northern Marianas Woos Russians at MITT

April 5               U.S. Ambassadaor McFaul Meets NMI Delegation

April 5               MHS Hospitality & Tourism Class Welcomes MTEC

March 2012       

March 21           NMI January 2012 Visitor Arrivals Up 10%

March 15            MVA Begins CNMI Master Tourism Plan Update

March 13            MVA, Partners to Welcome Queen Mary II

March 7              Saipan Marathon Brings $2-million International Publicity

March 6               Borja Joins Guam Tourism Summit

February 2012

February 29        Korean Media Arrive for Saipan Marathon

February 28         2012 Tinian Hot Pepper Festival the Largest Yet

February 28         Saipan Marathon Registers 785

February 16          Tinian Run Ride and Public Boat Trip this Weekend

February 9            Saipan Marathon Attracts Celebrities

February 9            Stars & Stripes Sails for Tinian Hot Pepper Festival

February 9            NMI December 2011 Visitors Arrivals Up 6%

February 6            Japan Golf Mag Visits Saipan Golf Resorts

January 2012

January 31            5th Tinian Hot Pepper Festival on Feb. 18-19, 2012

January 26            Tourism Partners Promote NMI-Osaka Flights

January 26            7th Saipan Marathon Registration Deadline on Feb. 9

January 23            Marianas Coffee Trail Run Welcomes Walkers on Jan. 28

January 16            Marianas Coffee Trail Run: From Philippine Sea to Peak

January 4               NMI November 2011 Visitor Arrivals Up 8%

January 3               Saipan-da Spreads Holiday Cheer

January 3               NMDOA, JSTA Give Time This Holiday Season



December 28        “All About Saipan” Guide To Bring $1.1-M Exposure
December 21        Busan Media FAM To Bring  $1.2-Million Exposure
December 20        Christmas In The Marianas Spreads Cheer
December 20         MTEC Gets Call from Docomo Pacific
December 15         Saipan-da Welcomes Visitors Christmas Day
December 14         Christmas in the Marianas on Dec. 17
December 1           Japan Marianas Tourism Club Meets in Saipan
December 1            Korean Travel Media, AM7 in NMI
December 1            7th Saipan Marathon Set For March 3, 2012


November 30         Russian Fam Good For NMI On Russian TV
November 30         NMI October 2011 Visitor Arrivals Down 4%
November 22         Shirato Returns To Top 18th Rota Blue
November 9           MVA Extends Security To Suicide Cliff
November 1           Photo Release NMDOA, MVA Clean Grotto
November 1           Champions Return for Rota Blue Triathlon on Nov. 12
November 1           NMI September 2011 Visitor Arrivals Down 15%


October 28            MTEC/MY WAVE Tourism Summit Rallys Youth
October 26            250 to Join MTEC/MY WAVE Tourism Summit
October 20            MVA Seeks Funding for Additional Security
October 18            MTEC MY WAVE Tourism Summit Oct. 27
October 13            22 Join Rota Cliff Fishing Derby


August 16             Local Businesses Support Nagoya FAM Tour
August 10             Media to Support Fly Micronesia Nagoya-Saipan Flights
August 4                NMI June 2011 Visitor Arrivals Down 17%


JULY 2011

July 21                   Russian TV Show to $45-M Publicity on NMI Uniqueness
July 20                   Japan NHK TV to Feature Tinian
July 18                   $10K+ for Grabs at Saipan International Fishing Tournament