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Saipan, Tinian and Rota each present a wealth of historic, cultural and geographic sites that highlight the unique richness of the Northern Marianas.  The best part is, you can easily visit a number of significant sites in a single day due to the intimacy of these small islands.

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Beach Sites:

Obyan BeachObyan Beach:

This beach is great for snorkeling and family picnics. More about Obyan Beach


This sandy islet in Saipan's lagoon has won numerous awards as one of the best snorkeling and dive spots in the Pacific. More about Managaha

Unai Dankulo:

Literally "Long Beach," Unai Dankulo spreads its coarse, white sand wide on Tinian's eastern shore. More about Unai Dankulo

Swimming HoleSwimming Hole:

A small, picturesque pool hidden along the back trails of Rota. More about Swimming Hole

Agingan Beach (Coral Ocean Point):

Located on Saipan's southern coast, Agingan beach is one of the island's most archaeologically rich areas. The site of an ancient Chamorro village, remnants of latte stones and other artifacts can be found throughout the area. It is also the site of a 17th century wreck of the Spanish Galleon Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion, and later served as a Japanese defensive post during WWII. One of the islands largest in-tact coastal bunkers, which utilized some of the vicinities ancient latte stones in its construction, can be seen along the beach. Access to the beach can be made through the Coral Ocean Point Golf Course. Swimmers and waders should wear suitable footware here, as the inner reef area contains a variety of sharp rocks and corals. Swimming beyond the reef is not safe due in this area, due to unpredictable currents. More about Agingan Beach (Coral Ocean Point)

Micro Beach:

White sand More about Micro Beach

Laulau Bay:

Out of the way, eastern coast beach offering an excellent beach dive. More about Laulau Bay

Wing Beach:

description More about Wing Beach

Wing Beach:

Tucked away at the end of a short drive through the Marpi jungle, Saipan’s northernmost beach is a great spot for sunning, shell collecting and snorkeling, and one of the finest shore dives in Micronesia. More about Wing Beach

Laolao Bay:

Spectacular snorkeling and diving site, and home to a number of resident turtles. More about Laolao Bay

Micro Beach and American Memorial Park:

Shallow sandy-floored waters off of the beach seem to stretch for miles, and at low tide one can walk quite a ways out on the long sandbar islands that finger out towards the lagoon. More about Micro Beach and American Memorial Park

San Antonio Beach:

San Antonio Beach marks the beginning point of Saipan's western lagoon. Its unique geography, bordered on the south by Agingan point, make it the nursery and home for a fantastic variety of marine life. More about San Antonio Beach

Chalan Kanoa Beach (Tamat, Aquarius and Sugar Dock):

A favorite among locals for the wide white sand beaches, occasional winter waves, and gorgeous aqua waters. More about Chalan Kanoa Beach (Tamat, Aquarius and Sugar Dock)


One of Saipan’s finest snorkeling and picnic spots, the fairly close proximity of the reef to its beautiful white sand beach, attracts many tropical fish species normally found much farther out. More about Paupau

Historical Sites:

As Nieves Latte Stone QuarryAs Nieves Latte Stone Quarry:

The only known quarry site in the Northern Marianas with latte stones partially excavated. More about As Nieves Latte Stone Quarry

Last Command PostLast Command Post:

This cliffside bunker housed the last remnants of an organized Japanese military defense during the WWII invasion of Saipan by the Americans. More about Last Command Post

Banzai CliffBanzai Cliff:

Memorials along the cliffs honor the loss of the lives of those who jumped off the hundred foot high cliffs during the waning days of the WWII battle for Saipan. More about Banzai Cliff

Suicide Cliff:

Rising 800 feet, Suicide Cliff juts out over the plains of Marpi, personal memorials honor those who lost their lives jumping from the cliffs during the final days of the WW2 battle for Saipan. More about Suicide Cliff

Kalabera Cave:

Just south of Bird Island lies the historically-rich Kalabera Cave system. Pictographs in the cave of the importance of the site to the ancient people of the Marianas. More about Kalabera Cave

Mount Tapochao:

At 1554 feet above sea level, Mount Tapochao's peak offers panoramic views of the entire island of Saipan. More about Mount Tapochao

Tonga Cave:

On the outskirt of Songsong Village, Rota's largest town, lies Tonga Cave. Stalagtites and stalagmites adorn the cave’s ceilings and floors. More about Tonga Cave

Walking/Boonie Stomping:

Saipan Beach Pathway:

The Saipan Beach Pathway stretches approximately 3 miles along Saipan's western coast. More about Saipan Beach Pathway