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Get out and about in the Northern Marianas with a wide variety of activities throughout the year.

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Diving in Saipan:

From the caves of Obyan Beach to the WWII wrecks in the Tanapag lagoon, a variety of great dives await you on Saipan. With a good mixture of beach and boat spots, finding a dive suited to your level of experience and expectation is easy. Take a look at some of our dive sites below. More about Diving in Saipan

Ice Cream:

Rising some 50 feet off of the bottom a conglomeration of colorful corals forming the shape of an icecream cone are home to an astonishing array of marine life. More about Ice Cream

Eagle Ray City:

If you’re looking to get up close and personal, and get some great photographs of eagle rays, thirty or more are often seen here at a time. More about Eagle Ray City

Wing Beach:

Exit an impressive underwater crevice, making your way along the high coral walls that are home to a vast variety of see life. Giant Moray Eels, lionfish, nudibranchs, octopus, turtles and sharks are all common on this dive. More about Wing Beach

The Grotto:

Voted 2nd best dive spot in the world by Dive Magazine, a flight of steps through natural foliage take you to the large cavern opening and spectacular blue and aqua lights that mark the large cavern’s three underwater exits to open ocean. More about The Grotto

Shoan Maru Wreck Dive:

This 407 foot Imperial Japanese Navy freighter went down during the WW2 battle for Saipan while carrying conscripted Korean soldiers. Lying at 35 feet on the sandy floor of the Saipan lagoon, this shallow depth makes this a perfect dive for novice wreck divers. More about Shoan Maru Wreck Dive

Laolao Bay:

Located on the eastern coast of Saipan, Laolao offers easy shore entries to a spectacular dive site. A perfect spot to photograph turtles who are regulars at the site and pay hardly any attention to the divers. More about Laolao Bay


This is a very good wall dive that has great coral formations and is abundant with smaller animals and fish. More about Fleming

Two Coral Head:

With great visibility, Two Coral Head is a photographer's dream. More about Two Coral Head

Dump Cove:

This is a relic boat dive with many artifacts from World War II, including planes, tanks, ammunition, and jeeps. More about Dump Cove

Tinian Grotto:

The Grotto is the most popular cavern dive in Tinian. More about Tinian Grotto

Shoun Maru:

Shoun Mari is a World War II Japanese frieghter that is large enough to dive several times. More about Shoun Maru

Shoun Maru:

Shoun Mari is a World War II Japanese freighter that is large enough to dive several times. More about Shoun Maru

Coral Garden:

Octopus, nudibranchs, sharks, and turtles can be found on this boat dive. More about Coral Garden

Senhanon Cave/Rota Hole:

The most popular dive site in Rota, this is an advanced boat dive. More about Senhanon Cave/Rota Hole

Table Top:

This interesting geological feature was created by two adjoining seamounts at 15 feet to over 90 feet of water. More about Table Top

Spot Light:

This dive site is very close to Banzai. As with Banzai, is only accessible during a brief time during the year. More about Spot Light


Annual Taste of the Marianas International Food Festival & Beer Garden:

The Annual Taste of the Marianas International Food Festival & Beer Garden is held each Saturday evening during May Tourism Month. More about Annual Taste of the Marianas International Food Festival & Beer Garden

Garapan Street Market:

The weekly Garapan Street Market is held every Thursday evening at Garapan Fishing Base. More about Garapan Street Market

Sabalu Farmers Market:

The weekly Sabalu Farmers Market is held every Saturday morning at Civic Center Park in Susupe. More about Sabalu Farmers Market


Coral Ocean Point Resort:

Located on the beachfront of Agingan Beach. More about Coral Ocean Point Resort

Kingfisher Golf Links :

Strong elevation changes and several blind holes make this course designed by Graham Marshall challenging, yet playable. More about Kingfisher Golf Links

Laolao Bay Golf ResortLaolao Bay Golf Resort:

Two courses designed by Greg Norman offer spectacular ocean views. More about Laolao Bay Golf Resort

Mariana Country Club:

This course winds around a plateau at 300 feet above sea level and offers a bird’s eye view of the shining Philippine Sea and the Saipan lagoon. More about Mariana Country Club

Saipan Country Club:

Nine holes remain of the original short, narrow 18 hole course built for the US Navy in the 1960s. More about Saipan Country Club

Rota Resort & Country Club:

The fabulous course on the island of Rota measures 7.093 yards and is framed by endless ocean views. More about Rota Resort & Country Club

Museums and Galleries:

CNMI Museum of History & Culture:

The CNMI Museum of History and Culture is an excellent starting point for understanding the rich history of the Northern Marianas and putting the diverse cultures of today in historical context. More about CNMI Museum of History & Culture

Optional Tours:


Get a bird's eye view of Saipan sailing 100 feet in the air. More about Parasailing

Mountain Biking:

Whether you want to coast down one of the Northern Marianas highest mountains or wind through a thick jungle, the Northern Marianas draws athletes and the merely adventurous to its biking trails. More about Mountain Biking

Sporting Events:

Saipan Coffee Trail Run:

The Marianas Coffee Trail Run, normally held in January, offers competitors challenging trail terrain in the context of a beautiful course. More about Saipan Coffee Trail Run

Annual Rota Blue Triathlon:

This annual marathon held each November highlights the best of Rota's pristine and untainted natural beauty. More about Annual Rota Blue Triathlon

Annual Festival of Runs (Saipan Marathon):

The annual Festival of Runs -including the Saipan Marathon - is held every first Saturday in March. More about Annual Festival of Runs (Saipan Marathon)

Annual XTERRA Saipan Championship:

The Annual XTERRA Saipan Championship has been called the "crown jewel" of the XTERRA series and is held each March. More about Annual XTERRA Saipan Championship

Annual Tagaman Triathlon:

The Annual Tagaman Triathlon held each March challenges competitors to a course worthy of legendary Chamorro chief Taga. More about Annual Tagaman Triathlon

Water Sports:


Get a bird's-eye view of Saipan's aqua-blue waters by parasail! More about Parasailing


The Northern Marianas possess some of the best snorkeling on the planet. The fringed-reef lagoon that skirts the length of much of Saipan’s western coast, provides a sanctuary for a vast variety of colorful tropical fish and other marine life, and offers an extremely safe snorkeling experience. More about Snorkeling

Banana-Boat :

Zoom across the crystal waters of the Saipan lagoon on an inflatable banana-boat! The ultimate way to cool off, while enjoying the surf and sun. More about Banana-Boat


With a sheltered lagoon in Saipan and tropical tradewinds, the Northern Marianas has everything you could ask of a windsurfing destination. More about Windsurfing

Cliff Fishing:

Oceanside cliffs abound in Saipan, Tinian, and Rota, making them the perfect spot for some quiet cliff fishing. More about Cliff Fishing