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Saipan, Tinian and Rota each present a wealth of historic, cultural and geographic sites that highlight the unique richness of the Northern Marianas.  The best part is, you can easily visit a number of significant sites in a single day due to the intimacy of these small islands.

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Historical Sites

Mount Tapochao


At 1554 feet above sea level (474 meters), Mount Tapochao's peak offers panoramic views of the entire island of Saipan.  In fact from the top, the islands of Managaha, Tinian and Aguigan can be seen, and on clear days Rota to the South and Anatahan to the Northwest are also visible.

Tapochao was an important strategic position for both the Japanese and American military forces during the battle for Saipan.  Japanese spotters at the top helped direct artillery fire at the invading American forces.  The taking of the mountain by the Americans took a full ten days.  A strategic priority, it was a full ten days before American forces took the mountain top.

Topochao also holds important religious significance to local residence, who make an annual Good Friday trek by foot to the top, to erect a new cross.  The erected crosses of previous' years can be seen at the summit. 

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