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Wing Beach


At about the 30 foot level, enter and drop 25 feet to the bottom of an eight foot wide crevice that snakes it’s way to a grand rock tower that resembles a giant Moai from Easter Island.  The Moai also marks a dropoff into the abyss.  Make your way left along the 40 foot high coral walls that are home to a vast variety of see life.  Giant Moray Eels, lionfish, nudibranchs, octopus, turtles and sharks are all common on this dive.  Numerous smaller crevices and swim-throughs call out for exploration.  The dive at Wing Beach is accessible by boat or by shore.  

If you’re diving the site by shore, make sure to go with a knowledgeable dive company, as the entry can be tricky at certain times due to seasonal currents, and often a rope is required to assist with the exit.   

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